How do I prepare for my first class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled class.  Discuss any injuries or health issues with the teacher before class.  Wear something you’re comfortable sweating in, breathable fabric is most desirable.  Women mainly wear fitted capris or shorts and a sports bra or tank top.  Men are normally most comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Come to class on an empty stomach.  Yoga mats and large towels are required in the studio.  You may bring your own or we have them available for rent or purchase.   Stay in the studio room during class, this will help your body acclimate to the heat.  You may lay down or stay in child’s pose at any time during the class.

Why is the practice room heated?

The heat helps you you sweat; sweat detoxifies your body by flushing toxins from your blood and metabolic waste from your muscles.  This enhances blood flow so that more blood (and oxygen) is delivered to the muscles, joints, and the endocrine, thyroid, and lymphatic systems bringing natural healing and balance back to your body.  The heat makes muscles more elastic and pliable which allows for deeper safer stretching, while thinning the blood increases your heart rate for an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Is this a cardiovascular workout and can I lose weight?

Absolutely!!  Regardless of your fitness level, hot yoga can be challenging.  Muscles are toned and strengthened and all the body’s systems are brought into balance.  With consistent practice you will see pounds and inches disappear.

Is there anyone who should not practice hot yoga?

Use caution if you have high blood pressure, particularly low blood pressure, or are pregnant or nursing; please consult your doctor before class.

How old do I need to be to take class?

We welcome all students over the age of 16 at Sumits Hot Yoga, however, if you are between the age of 16-17 you must have a parent or legal guardian sign for you.  If you are under the age of 16 we’re excited to have you as soon as you turn 16.   Any exceptions to this must be approved PRIOR to the day of class, there are no exceptions made the day of or right before class.  (It’s fun to take yoga as a family, and we do offer family plan pricing!)

What method of payment do you accept?

We take Cash, Visa, Master Card (both credit and debit card), American Express and Discover Card.
For the $7 community classes it is helpful if you pay in cash, this helps the line move more quickly.

What should I bring with me to class?

Please bring your yoga mat, a BIG towel, water bottle, an open mind and a positive attitude!  If you do not yet have a yoga mat, yogitoes, or a towel we sell and rent them at the studio.

How long are the classes?

Sumits yoga classes last approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Sumits Sculpt and Hour flow classes last 1 hour.  Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled start time to register.  If at any point you feel overwhelmed during class feel free to sit or lay down on your mat.   As you build the ability to focus your mind and still your body, the struggle will disappear.  Please do not walk out of the yoga room during class. Staying in the room helps your body adjust to the heat.

How often should I practice my yoga?

We recommend practicing 4-5 times per week to obtain the maximum benefits.  Yoga is a great addition to any workout or training schedule, helping improve your breathing, endurance, focus and flexibility!

What should I wear?

Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable clothing is recommended.  Men are generally most comfortable in shorts and T-Shirts.  Women usually wear sports bras, tank tops, shorts, etc.  When deciding on how to dress remember you will be sweating, so dress accordingly … but be comfortable!  A lot of women prefer to wear a headband of some type if they have medium to long hair, to keep it out of their face.  Many people bring an extra change of clothes for afterwords or an extra beach towel to throw on the seat of their car. We also sell a variety of towels, mats, and other yoga accessories in our studio. Stop by and see what is new!

I am both older and not very flexible. Is yoga for me?

ABSOLUTELY!  It’s important to understand that yoga is not about flexibility.  Yoga is for people of all ages and ranges of flexibility.  From the very first class you will learn the concept of “trying the right way” enabling you to receive the benefits of each pose according to your own ability.  You will see and feel the benefits as you progress on your yoga journey.  There are unlimited benefits to people of all ages and flexibility who correctly practice yoga consistently.